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Whales Returning to Polar Waters After 40 Years

40 years after the ban on whaling took hold, whales are returning to their polar habitats. Find out more.

New Species Discovered in the Atlantic

A dozen new species have been discovered in the North Atlantic Ocean under the ATLAS project. Find out more.

Bizarre Squid Spotted in New Footage

New footage has been released of the spirula squid spotted in the wild for the first time. Find out more.

Megalodon Was Staggeringly Big

A new study has concluded that the extinct shark named megalodon was unusually large for its group lamniformes. Find out more.

Evidence of Virus-eating Microorganisms Found in a New Study

Scientists have found definitive evidence which suggests that two groups of ecologically important marine microorganisms could be eating virus. Find out more.

30 New Species Discovered in Galapagos Depths by Scientists

Deep-sea experts discover 30 new species including fragile corals and sponges, as well as new species of crustacean, near Galapagos.

A Dwarf Planet With A New Underground Ocean

A recent study published in Nature suggests that the Dwarf Planet Ceres might have an ocean under its icy shell. Find out more.

Fish So Black, They Are Nearly Invisible

Researchers have found deep-sea fish with ultra-black skin that can absorb most of the light that falls on them. Find out more.

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