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Nokia PureBook S14 ‘The First Laptop with Windows 11 Pre-Installed’ Launched in India

Nokia announced a new laptop in India under the PureBook series, the PureBook S14. The Nokia PureBook...

NASA Selects Nokia to Build the First 4G LTE Network on the Moon

Aren't we all getting tired of 'network issues' here on Earth? Worry not! Very soon, you will be able to get network on the Moon as well, thanks to Nokia.

Nokia To Set Up First-ever Innovative Robotics Lab at The Indian Institute of Science

Nokia is set to open a robotics lab at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru to study relevant use cases based on 5G and upcoming technologies.

Nokia 5G Software Can Upgrade 5 Million 4G Tower Radios

Nokia has recently stated that it can upgrade 5 Million radios immediately.

US Plans To Invest In Huawei’s Competition To Take It Down

China and US' trade war is nothing new. One of the major outcomes of that was the...