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Five Asteroids Flew Past Earth Yesterday, 2 Bigger Than the Eiffel Tower

According to the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), five asteroids flew past our planet. Out of the five, two are bigger than the Eiffel Tower.

The Mystery of the Monoliths: Possible Alien Life?

Just when we thought 2020 can't get any weirder, the world was once again shaken by the mystery of monoliths. Sudden appearance and disappearance of these were recorded in many parts of the world, and the reason is still not clear.

India’s National Education Policy 2020: Reforms in the Education Sector after 3 Decades

The National Education Policy 2020 brings about a drastic change to the Indian education system. It remains to be seen whether the changes prove to be fruitful or not.

Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Raises Hope, 5 Sites in India Selected For Testing

The Oxford University has produced a new vaccine which is under trial right now. For the final phase of testing, 5 sites in India have been selected.

New Facebook Update to Indicate News Age and Curb Misinformation

Facebook will now have a notification to let one know if the news they are about to share is outdated or not! This update stops the spread of misinformation!