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Scientists May Have Received Radio Emissions from an Alien World

For the first time, scientists may have detected radio emissions from an alien world, from a planet orbiting a star beyond our Sun.

The Milky Way is Getting Twisted Apart by Another Galaxy

Scientists have found that another galaxy is slowly pulling apart with "extreme violence", the Milky Way, our very own galaxy. Find out more.

The Universe is Getting Hotter: Discussion

A new study has found that the Universe is getting hotter. It examined the thermal history of the universe over the last 10 billion years.

Love Playing Video Games? They May Boost Better Mental Health

Contrary to popular beliefs, a study conducted by Oxford finds that video games are actually good for our well being. Find out more.

Lower COVID-19 Death Rate in Countries with Low GDP and Poor Sanitation: Study

Indian researchers have found that countries with poor hygiene, sanitation and low quality of water supply seem to have had a lower number of deaths due to COVID-19

How Malaria Parasites Hide in our Body: New Study

According to recent research, the malaria parasite doesn't let the cells it infects get attached to blood vessels and manages to hide in the human body.

Adult Skin May Repair Itself Like That of a Newborn Baby: New Discovery

In a recent discovery by Washington State University, researchers have identified a genetic factor that allows adult skin to repair itself like that of a newborn baby.

5 Minutes COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Developed by Oxford

Scientists from the Department of Physics, Oxford University have developed a rapid antigen test, which can give results in under 5 minutes. Find out more.