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Netflix to now add a live streaming feature on its app to keep its subscribers

For the first time in a decade, Netflix has reported a huge loss in subscriptions with its...

Netflix Acquires Night School Studio

Netflix has announced that they have acquired Night School Studio, a developer founded by former Telltale Games...

Netflix Gaming becomes a New Venture by Netflix, Former Facebook and EA Employee Hired

Netflix Gaming becomes the latest expansion by Netflix into an industry that is ripe for the taking.

CDPR and Netflix To Host WitcherCon In July, But Don’t Expect a Witcher 4 Announcement

CDPR and Netflix are partnering for a new Witchercon in July 2021, dedicated to celebrating everything in The Witcher universe including the show, games, and books.

Government Takes Control of Digital Media Platforms: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to be Censored?

The Government of India has issued an order bringing all the digital media platforms and online curated...

Get Netflix for Free for One Weekend in India

Netflix, the global streaming giant, is planning to offer free access to all Indians for one weekend, in order to attract more users and expand its reach.

5 Most Popular 18+ Adult Movies on Netflix | Fifty Shades Freed, 365 Days and More

If you're interested to watch something less conventional, then this list of adult movies on Netflix might just be what you need.

Rejoice, Non-Netflix Users! Netflix Finally Has Free Content

Hurray! Netflix has free content now and it sort of works like a free trial. There are great shows and movies that it has made available for non-paying users.