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The Mystery of the Monoliths: Possible Alien Life?

Just when we thought 2020 can't get any weirder, the world was once again shaken by the mystery of monoliths. Sudden appearance and disappearance of these were recorded in many parts of the world, and the reason is still not clear.

Rare Earth Elements Mystery Solved by a New Study

In a new study, geologists have solved a mystery related to rare earth elements and how they form. Find out more.

Another Dinosaur Mystery Solved

A new report suggests that researchers have solved a mystery regarding a dinosaur that lived more than 240 million years ago.

Scientists May Have An Answer To The Mystery Surrounding Stonehenge

The Stonehenge is a prehistoric heritage stone monument with a lot of mystery surrounding the history behind the stones. Scientists may finally have an answer!

Largest 3D Map of The Universe Yet

A group of researchers have come up with the largest 3D map of the Universe yet. Find out what problems it aims to solve.

4 Objects Found In Deep Space That Are Unlike Anything

The discovery of four new objects which the astronomers have been unable to explain is making waves in the scientific community.

Viral Parallel Universe Theory Debunked

A parallel universe theory went viral on the internet. Here's how the theory was found to be baseless and soon debunked.

Chemistry and the Resolution of a 100-Year-Old Mystery

There are many mysteries in Chemistry, however, it seems as if one of them has been solved by chemists. Find out more about the experiment.