Tiny Moon Shadows Might be Hiding Tiny Patches of Ice

New research suggests that hidden pockets of water could be much more common on the surface of the moon than scientists once suspected. Find out more.

NASA Selects Nokia to Build the First 4G LTE Network on the Moon

Aren't we all getting tired of 'network issues' here on Earth? Worry not! Very soon, you will be able to get network on the Moon as well, thanks to Nokia.

Earth Discovers a Mini-Moon: New Report

According to reports published by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Centre, the Earth has temporarily captured a mini-moon in its orbit.

The Moon is Rusting, Chandrayaan-1 Reveals

A new study of Chandrayaan-1 data has revealed that The Moon is rusting towards its poles and that the Earth's atmosphere might be responsible for this change.

US in Talks to Set Up Nuclear Power Plants on The Moon, Mars

The U.S has now decided to install nuclear power plants of Mars and Moon. It is still working on the conceptualizations and functionalities of the reactors.

The Most Comprehensive Map of The Moon Yet

The moon has been the object of fascination for the most audacious explorers amongst us. The mere...

NASA And The ESA Want People To Live Inside Moon Caves In The Future

The Moon is now entertaining an ever-widening amount of experiments, robots and most recently tardigrades. The various...