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El Salvador plans to invest 135 Million Dollars in Bitcoin.

As El Salvador becomes the first country to accept bitcoin as legal tender, the President of the...

Nvidia’s New Mining Limiter To Enter Entire RTX 30 Series

After several months of GPU shortage faced by consumers due to miner hoarding, NVIDIA has finally decided to roll out new RTX 30 series graphic cards with 'unhackable' drivers

How to Mine Ethereum The Easy Way On Your Gaming PC in 4 Simple Steps

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to mine Ethereum the easy way using just a computer and an internet connection.

What is Dogecoin and How To Earn Money From The Memecoin?

We explain what Dogecoin is, how it rose to popularity and how you can make money from the Shiba Inu inspired cryptocurrency.

Oldest Ochre Mines With Evidence Of Ancient Human Activity Found

Researchers have found Ochre in the submerged mines of Mexico along with evidence of ancient human activity, find out more.

Bitcoin Crosses $7K, Ethereum Aiming for $200: AMD Graphics Cards About to Disappear?

It has been a while since the mining boom got over, but some of the after-effects are...