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Innovative Spray-on Bandages Developed by Scientists

Scientists have developed new spray-on bandages that create a thin layer of fibre when sprayed onto wounds. This could help save lives in various applications.

Flu Vaccine Made from Tobacco Plants: New Study

A new study has produced a flu vaccine from tobacco plants which is on par with the currently available ones. Find out more.

Paracetamol Overdosing Causes Poisoning: New Study

A new study on Paracetamol has revealed that overdosing from this drug can lead to poisoning and liver damage. Find out more.

Placebo Effect: How Nothing Changes Everything

You have probably heard the saying - If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. The placebo effect is something like that. Find out more.

China Reports New Case of Bubonic Plague

A new case of Bubonic Plague has been reported in the northern Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. Find out more.

The Most Anticipated Technologies Of The Future

With the world progressing at a blazing pace in different fields, there’s something to discover every day. Check out our picks for technologies to look out for!

A New Vision In Healthcare With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is taking over the world and is getting popular with every passing year. It...