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How Life Blooms in Deserts, Reveals Surprising New Data

Newly revealed data shows that we have highly underestimated the number of trees in the Sahara, proving life is much more resilient than we thought.

Male Baboons Live Longer if They Have Female Friends: Research

Friendships are an integral part of life. The same applies to many animals as well. Research suggests male baboons live longer if they have female friends

What Did Life Breathe on Earth When There Was no Oxygen?

A new study seems to have an answer as to what life was like before Oxygen became abundant in the atmosphere.

Ribose, A Fundamental Molecule Of Life Found On Meteorites

Pieces of rock of all shapes and sizes have been falling to Earth for a long time....

Can Mars House Lifeforms? New Evidence Suggests Possibility

It’s been a few years since humans started exploring the fourth planet from the Sun for signs...