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A14 Bionic Chip Benchmark Leaked Online, Apple Preparing to Launch New Apple TV Models

Apple's A14 Bionic Chip benchmarks have leaked online, how does it fare against other mobile chipsets? Apple is also expected to introduce a new Apple TV with A14 Bionic.

YouTube is Finally Testing its Useful Picture-in-Picture Mode on iOS and iPadOS Apps

While Apple added the support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on iPad when they launched iOS 9, and...

WWDC 2020 – Top 5 Mobile Announcements

WWDC 2020 is special. Apple announced new features for iOS 14, iPad OS and more of their software and here we talk about some of their best new features!

Apple to Bring Out Foldable iPad By 2020 – (psst, it’s 5G ready!)

You heard that right! Apple is apparently hard at work with the development of a 5G enabled...

iPadOS: Everything You Need to Know (Release Date, Features, Compatibility, and More)

Ever since the release of the iPad in 2010, its software has been the biggest bottleneck that...