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Intel Opens Two New Chip-Making Factories For $20 Billion To Battle Global Chip Shortage

Chipmaker Intel has announced to invest $20 billion for two new manufacturing facilities in the US, along...

Intel Alder Lake Slide Details and 600 Series Motherboards Leaked – “Up to 2X” Multi-Thread Improvement

Two official slides from Intel's press deck for its 12th Gen Core Alder Lake platform have leaked, showing 20% single-thread and 2X multi-thread improvement.

Intel’s Hostility Towards M1 Mac Increases — Is It Enough?

Let's be "real", the reason why the M1 chips exist in the first place has one big...

Intel-Powered AI Solution to Reduce Diabetic Vision Loss

A team of experts has developed an Intel-powered comprehensive retina risk assessment software-as-a-service platform in India.

Intel Raptor Lake (13th Gen Core) CPU Roadmap Leaked

An early roadmap for Intel's 13th gen CPUs, codenamed Raptor Lake, has been leaked showing improvements over the hybrid Alder Lake lineup which is due to launch later in 2021.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 To Include Intel Tiger Lake and AMD Ryzen Variants

Microsoft's upcoming laptop -- Surface Laptop 4 -- will reportedly feature both Intel and AMD options. The AMD models will include chips from the Ryzen 4000 mobile series, including the Ryzen 5 4680U and the Ryzen 7 4980U.

Entire Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Mobile CPU Lineup Leaked – Alder Lake M, P And S Range Specs Explained

The entire range of mobile CPUs in Intel's 12th gen Alder Lake lineup has been leaked, and we explain how 12th gen Intel CPUs will compare with the existing Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 tiers.

Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake-S 8 Core CPU Benchmark Leaks – Shows Marginal Improvement Paired With RTX 2080

A new leak shows what kind of performance Intel is packing with its 12th gen Rocket Lake CPU, particularly about one with 8 BIG Cores.