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The latest GTA Online Update- GTA Online Los Santos Tuners is here, and we are here to...

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GTA 5 Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series Consoles in November 2021, Next-Gen Features Teased

The next-gen version of GTA 5, first announced at the PS5 reveal showcase, will be releasing on both new PlayStation and Xbox consoles on November 11th, 2021.

GTA V Becomes Photorealistic Thanks To Machine Learning Tricks By Intel

Intel has been experimenting with new machine learning technology, and using it on GTA V gameplay just made Los Santos a real city.

The GTA V Reveal on PS5 is More Important Than You Think

The re-release of GTA V on PS5 will mark the game's third release on a new platform, and that's why Sony is banking on it so much - To transition the PS4 userbase to PS5.

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Grand Theft Auto V The Next Freebie on Epic Games Store? [UPDATE: Confirmed]

Rockstar's biggest hit action adventure, GTA V, could be coming to Epic Games Store as next week's surprise free game.

Download the Rockstar Games Launcher, get San Andreas for Free!

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