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Scientists Discover Mysterious 15,000-Years-Old Viruses in Melting Glaciers of Tibet

Scientists from Ohio State University have discovered mysterious 15,000-years-old viruses in melting glaciers of Tibet, most of which are unknown to humans.

Arctic’s ‘Last Ice Area’ Showing Shocking Signs of Melting: Possible Reasons Why

Even the thickest 'Last Ice Area' in the Arctic may not survive climate change where the sea ice is disappearing gradually as the temperature on Earth rises.

Uttarakhand Glacial Outburst Flood: What Caused this Calamity and Why?

Thousands of people were affected due to the Uttarakhand glacial burst. What is a glacier outburst? What happened and why? Read on to find out more.

No Vaccine for Climate Change: Alarming Report

The world ought to respond with a similar urgency to climate change as it has towards the COVID-19 pandemic. Global warming could prove to be more fatal.

15% COVID-19 Deaths Due to Air Pollution: New Study

Around 15 per cent of causalities worldwide due to COVID-19 might be connected to long-haul exposure to air contamination, as indicated by a study published.

The ‘Blob’ Anomaly and How We are Responsible for It

A recent study has measured the human factor in the 'blob' phenomena in the Pacific. Find out what the study has predicted.

Climate Change Continues During COVID-19: Will it Yield Disastrous Effects?

The world, mainly the human race, has seen significant impacts of COVID-19, but it has not affected the rate of climate change across the globe. The greenhouse gases are still increasing and amounting to a hazardous concentration in the atmosphere.

Sea Corals’ Heat Tolerance Offers New Hope

An experiment has resulted in the discovery of new heat resistant corals in the reef of Aqaba. Find out more.