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Aurora: Nature’s Miracle You Do Not Want to Miss

Aurora, also popularly known as polar light (Aurora Polaris), is a natural phenomenon that consists of colourful lights. Learn more about this surreal sight.

Melting of Glaciers in Alaska Lead to Earthquakes, Causes the Land to Rise by 1.5 Inches Per Year

Scientists have found a relation between the melting of glaciers and the timing and location of earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater. Find out more.

New Hidden Layer Discovered Within the Earth

Scientists have discovered a new hidden layer within the Earth's innermost core. The study was conducted by researchers from the Australian National University.

World’s Deepest Underwater Cave Deeper than Previously Thought: Research

The Hranicka Propast, Czech Republic is known to be the world’s deepest freshwater cave and it just got a whole lot deeper. Find out more.

Floating Rocks: An Efficient Way To Bring Life

A big mass of volcanic rock has reached Australia after being freed from a volcanic eruption in the Pacific.

Earth’s Magnetic Field Has A Brand-New Dent

A new study has revealed that the South Atlantic Anomaly in the magnetic field is spreading and weakening. Find out more.

Volcano In Indonesia That Erupts Mesmerizing Electric Blue Fire At Night

Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia erupts blue fire which flows down the slopes, making an illusion of lava flowing. Find out more.

The Lost Continent You Did Not Know About

Scientists discovered the existence of the elusive continent of Zealandia. With the majority of the landmass being submerged underwater, little was known.