Tag: Genetics

Asymptomatic COVID: Gene Link Deciphered

More than a year after the pandemic first set in, medical professionals were still confused about COVID-19's varied effects on people. Now they may have an answer.

Adult Skin May Repair Itself Like That of a Newborn Baby: New Discovery

In a recent discovery by Washington State University, researchers have identified a genetic factor that allows adult skin to repair itself like that of a newborn baby.

Gene Editing and Inheritable ‘Fixes’: New Ethical Dilemma

With the rise of gene-editing technology CRISPR, we are faced with a number of ethical questions, find out more about CRISPR and its consequences.

Complete Human X Chromosome Sequence Achieved By Scientists

A major milestone for genomics research with the first end-to-end completely gapless DNA sequence of a human chromosome.

Glowing Plants Created Using Mushroom Genes

Plants are an indispensable part of Earth’s ecology. Ranging from the giant redwoods to the mangroves of...

Scientists Add Human Brain Gene Into Monkeys

Pouring straight out of a sci-fi film, scientists have now begun adding the human brain gene into...