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Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatches to come with Snapdragon Wear 4100+ – Rumored to Start at €299

Fossil's next-gen smartwatches are already en route, with the official product page  showing the message "Gen 6 is coming."...

Extremely Rare, 70 million-year-old Dinosaur Fossil Discovered Sitting on its Nest of Eggs in China

Researchers have found a dinosaur fossil, an adult oviraptorosaur, which is a group of bird-like theropod dinosaurs, crouched over at least 24 eggs, in China.

The Ichthyosaur Might Have Been Bigger Than the Blue Whale

Thriving in the Mesozoic Era, Ichthyosaurs were a group of aquatic reptiles similar to porpoises in appearance and habits.

Research Shows That Some Ancestors of the Crocodile Were Bipedal

Crocodiles- bulky, fast and vicious semi-aquatic reptiles with an astounding crunch. Recent research shows their ancestors were bipedal.

World’s Oldest Land Animal Fossil Found In Scotland

A recent discovery of a fossil has pushed back the general timeline of evolution by 40 million years. Find out how.

Smallest Dinosaur Found Perfectly Preserved In Amber

Contrary to the popular belief that dinosaurs were huge hunkering pieces of meat which roamed the planet...