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Exoplanet with a Huge Orbit Discovered: New Study

Researchers have discovered a new Exoplanet with a huge orbit around its host binary star. Find out more.

The Atmosphere of An Exoplanet That Should Not Exist: New Study

A new exoplanet with an atmosphere has been discovered that should not exist. Find out more.

Extreme Planet Found in a New Discovery

A new exoplanet has been discovered that has some of the most extreme characteristics ever found on a planet. Find out more.

An Earth-like Exoplanet Discovered 4.2 Light-Years Away

Proxima b; an exoplanet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, which is part of a triple star system called Alpha Centauri.

A Rare Discovery of an Earth-like Exoplanet

Astronomers have long pointed their telescopes towards the far reaches of the Universe in the hopes of...

A New Way of Studying Exoplanets

Planets found outside our solar system are known as exoplanets. These distant clumps of rock represent the...

An Exoplanet Where It Rains

The exoplanet named K2-18b situated 124 light-years away and has 2.6 times the radius of Earth has...

Astronomers Are Observing An Exoplanet Disintegrate

An interesting and rare phenomena is making all heads turn in the world of Astronomy, i.e the disintegration of a distant exoplanet.