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A Quantum Device That Can Run for a Year on a Single Kick of Energy

A new sensor has been created using quantum tunneling which can run for a year on a single kick of energy. Find out more.

Fusion Experiment in UK Produces ‘First Plasma’: New Achievement

The fusion experiment of UK has achieved a new landmark as it has produced the 'First Plasma.' Find out more.

New Sun To Be Made On Earth In A Brilliant Experiment

A team of researchers have finally started work on the ITER fusion reactor, which aims to mimic the Sun by producing energy through nuclear fusion.

Black Holes Could Be Mined To Extract Energy

The Black Holes we know of are mysterious objects, however, they can be utilized to obtain energy. Find out more.

Matter State Which Conducts Both Energy And Electricity?

Three scientists from the University of Chicago have affirmed that there may be a way to make...

Coming Soon: Muon Colliders

Experimental Physics thrives on the idea of smashing things together. Literally and figuratively. It seems that Physicists...