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Battlefield 1 to be Free on PC from Next Week?

While we all wait for Battlefield 2042, there has been a curious leak about Battlefield 1. The...

Dead Space 4 Leak? EA to Announce “An Established IP” Revival Next Month

With Dead Space 3 leaving bad tastes in people's mouths, and Dead Space 2 developers Visceral games...

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Free Next-Gen Upgrade Guide – How To Upgrade From PS4/Xbox One to PS5/Xbox Series X

The next-gen version of Star Wars Jedi Fallen order is finally live, and here's how you can upgrade to it if you own the base game on PS4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield 6 – Leaks, Rumours and Everything We Know About The Game So Far

The final days before the showcase of Battlefield 6 have not been kind to developer EA Dice,...

Apex Legends Mobile Coming to India First

After months of speculation, Apex Legends Mobile is coming to your nearest Android phone, with a regional beta starting in India and the Philippines.

5 Biggest Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes From The Original Trilogy

The entire Mass Effect trilogy is getting remastered with the upcoming Legendary Edition, and we now have a better look at the changes from the original games.

E3 2021 Will Be Online Only; Sony, Square Enix and EA Not Participating

After a year's absence, the E3 2021 showcase will be held completely online, with many publishers participating, including Ubisoft and Xbox, and some like Sony holding off their own event.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced For Spring 2021 – Remastering All 3 Games With All DLC

2020 has been the year of the remaster. We got a round of remasters ranging from the...