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Skeleton of Malaria Parasite Reveals its Secret

Explore and understand the secret of the Malaria Parasite revealed by its skeleton. Malaria is a disease that has plagued the world for centuries.

Six Shots a Year Can Prevent HIV

A new study shows that six shots a year of an antiretroviral (ARV) Drug can prevent HIV in women. Learn more about this groundbreaking discovery.

How Malaria Parasites Hide in our Body: New Study

According to recent research, the malaria parasite doesn't let the cells it infects get attached to blood vessels and manages to hide in the human body.

New Brucellosis Outbreak in China: Over 3000 People Test Positive

More than 3000 people have tested positive in China for Brucellosis, a severe bacterial infection. What does this outbreak mean and should we be worried?

China Reports New Case of Bubonic Plague

A new case of Bubonic Plague has been reported in the northern Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. Find out more.