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New Research Reveals Tyrannosaurs Could Have Lived in Packs

New research revealed that tyrannosaurs may not be solitary predators as previously believed, but lived in packs like wolves.

Extremely Rare, 70 million-year-old Dinosaur Fossil Discovered Sitting on its Nest of Eggs in China

Researchers have found a dinosaur fossil, an adult oviraptorosaur, which is a group of bird-like theropod dinosaurs, crouched over at least 24 eggs, in China.

Comet from the Edge of the Solar System Responsible for the Extinction of Dinosaurs

About sixty-six million years ago, a huge comet, and not an asteroid, that originated from the edge of the solar system wiped out the dinosaurs.

New Mass Extinction Event Discovered

A new mass extinction event has been confirmed that wiped out the tetrapods 233 million years ago and paved the way for dinosaurs.

Another Dinosaur Mystery Solved

A new report suggests that researchers have solved a mystery regarding a dinosaur that lived more than 240 million years ago.

Spinosaurus: Swimming Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are truly terrifying creatures and stand several meters taller than an average human. These cold-blooded lizards...

Smallest Dinosaur Found Perfectly Preserved In Amber

Contrary to the popular belief that dinosaurs were huge hunkering pieces of meat which roamed the planet...