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Indian Government Bans 43 More China Apps — Alibaba Sees Major Setback

While the world recovers from the wrath of the deadly Coronavirus, anti-China sentiments have been direct repercussion...

Indian Government Bans 118 Chinese Apps Including PUBG; List Of 118 Apps

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 announced a ban on 118 chinese apps including PUBG which makes a total of 177 apps that have been banned by the Indian Government for security purposes.

How Does the Ban on Chinese Apps Impact Us?

After India banned certain Chinese apps in the country, a lot of change has taken place. Chinese officials, however, have stated misuse of power.

Instagram Reels Pilots in India after TikTok Ban

While the sudden banning of TikTok from India has left a void for all creators, Instagram is starting a broad pilot of its new feature 'Instagram Reels' in India.

Banned Chinese Apps Removed from Google Play Store and App Store in India

Google and Apple have decided to remove the 59 Chinese apps that have been banned by the Indian government.

59 Chinese Apps Banned; India’s Digital Strike on China Intensifies

India's digital strike comes amidst Indo-China tensions at the border. 59 Chinese apps are banned as they have been a threat to the millions of Indian users!