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Dreams: A Brief Analysis of this Captivating Phenomenon

Dreams are basic to all. But only a few are familiar with the complexity of it. Read along to find out more on dreaming and how it affects our lives.

Where Anxiety Comes From Explained In a New Study

In a study researchers have reported to have found the neurons responsible for the feeling anxiety in mice. Find out more.

The Brain and Its 2 Sides: New Study

A new study aims to throw more light on how the two hemispheres of our brain communicate with each other. Find out more.

Anosognosia: The Denial of Disease

We all have at some point in our lives lived in denial. However, all denials are not the same. For some, this refusal to admit reality turns pathological. Why?

Bizarre Science: Phantom Limbs and Foot Fetishes

Meet Tom, a patient who lost his limb but can still feel its ghostly presence below the elbow. Let us now explore the world of phantom limbs and more!

Brain That Turned to Glass: A New Discovery

Researchers have determined that a black glassy material recovered from the eruption site of Vesuvius is a victim's brain.

The Left vs Right Brain Myth

We have all heard that some people are more left-brained (or logical) and some others are more right-brained (or creative). How true are these statements?

Dolphins Are Capable Of Learning Complex Behaviour From Friends

Dolphins are capable of learning complex behaviour from their friends as understood by the conclusion of a recent study, find out more.