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Mapping the Universe Using Black Holes: New Discovery

A new study by astronomers has brought to light a method that can be used for mapping the universe using Black Holes.

Black Holes and the Possible New “Blanets” In the Milky Way

In a new paper, researchers have shown that there could be "Blanets" orbiting Super Massive Black Holes in the Milky Way. Find out more.

Black Holes Could Be Mined To Extract Energy

The Black Holes we know of are mysterious objects, however, they can be utilized to obtain energy. Find out more.

Black Holes Merge In A Brilliant Show Of Light

A recent study of Black Holes by astronomers has allegedly confirmed the findings of a LIGO detection of gravitational waves from the merger of two Black Holes.

Astronomers Find The Closest Black Hole To Earth Till-date

Astronomers discover a black hole, HR 6819, the closest one to Earth to date.1000 light-years away, this black hole is visible to the naked eye.

Einstein Proved Right as ESO Telescope Sees Star Orbiting Black Hole

Einstein's General Relativity predicts that bound orbits of one object around another are not closed, as in...

A Coronavirus Setback For EHT

Black Holes are truly fascinating objects. Ever since the prediction of their existence, researchers and especially the...

The Biggest Explosion Since The Big Bang Detected by Astronomers

The magnitude of The Big Bang was unfathomable, and we might never actually be able to gauge...

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