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3 Scientists Win The Nobel Physics Prize For Black Hole Breakthrough

Three scientists, Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez, won the 2020 Nobel Physics Prize for extraordinary research work about black holes.

Black Hole so Big, it Has Trapped 6 Galaxies

A new study has found a Super Massive Black Hole that has trapped 6 galaxies in its gravitational well. Find out more.

Indian Scientist Discovers Unique Black Hole 142 Times the Mass of the Sun

Indian scientist discovers 'unique' black hole 142 times bigger than the mass of the sun. Find out more.

The Mysterious Black Hole ‘Blink’ That You Need To Know About

A Black Hole has a 'blink', astronomers have found a surprising new phenomena which shows the mysterious disappearance of the Black Hole 'corona'.

Is Planet 9 Actually A Black Hole? A New Telescope Could Have An Answer

A unique wide-field survey telescope, now under construction in Chile, will soon allow them to set new limits on the possibility Planet 9 being a Black Hole

Astronomers Record A Star Being Ripped To Shreds

In what seems to be a lucky incident, astronomers at NASA have filmed a Black Hole ripping...

Black Hole Seen Engulfing A Massive Neutron Star

Black holes have forever been shrouded in mystery, their veil uncovering a deeper conundrum to be decoded...