Tag: biology

Hummingbirds Can Drop Their Body Temperatures to Extremes: New Study

A new study has revealed that hummingbirds can drop their body temperature to extremes by thermo-regulating themselves. Find out more.

Leaves of Plants Could Help Identify Buried Human Remains: New Study

A new study points to the possibility that the colour of the leaves of plants can be used to identify whether there are buried human bodies nearby.

Complete Human X Chromosome Sequence Achieved By Scientists

A major milestone for genomics research with the first end-to-end completely gapless DNA sequence of a human chromosome.

Artificial Eyeball That Can Mimic The Human Eye

A new paper has revealed that an artificial eye capable of performing on-par with the biological eye has been made.

A Change In Lifestyle Can Prove To Be A Bad Omen

Most of our days start late and are backed by...

Are Horns Growing On Youngsters Due To Excess Cellphone Usage?

Phone addiction has been a subject of debate for a long time now. The kids...

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