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Better Control of Prosthetic Limbs Possible: New Surgical Procedure

Researchers from MIT have invented a new kind of amputation surgery that can help amputees better control their prosthetic limbs.

Why Cancer in Elephants is Rare

Why it is rare to find cancer in elephants has been a mystery, with it usually being seen in large animals. A recent study has explained why.

To Attract Mates Amidst Noise, these Frogs Wave their Arms and Legs

A species of Ecuadorian glass frog adapts itself to the noisy environment by using high-frequency croaking and visual signalling to attract mates. Find out more.

Unexpected Structure Discovered Inside Plant Cells: New Study

In a new discovery, researchers have discovered a structure in a cell organelle which we did not know about. Find out more.

Hummingbirds Can Drop Their Body Temperatures to Extremes: New Study

A new study has revealed that hummingbirds can drop their body temperature to extremes by thermo-regulating themselves. Find out more.

Leaves of Plants Could Help Identify Buried Human Remains: New Study

A new study points to the possibility that the colour of the leaves of plants can be used to identify whether there are buried human bodies nearby.

Complete Human X Chromosome Sequence Achieved By Scientists

A major milestone for genomics research with the first end-to-end completely gapless DNA sequence of a human chromosome.

Artificial Eyeball That Can Mimic The Human Eye

A new paper has revealed that an artificial eye capable of performing on-par with the biological eye has been made.