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Playstation State of Play 2021 announced

After missing E3, Sony finally decided to hold a State of Play to showcase new games for...

Every Xbox Exclusive Revealed at Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase – E3 2021 Roundup

The Xbox-Bethesda games showcase saw the reveals of multiple new games, most of which are coming to...

Bethesda Titles Just Got a Huge FPS Boost On Next-Gen Xbox Consoles

Bethesda's acquisition might just have been Microsoft's best play to equalize the console "war" in their favour....

20 Bethesda Games Added to Xbox Game Pass, With More (Exclusives) On The Way

Xbox Game Pass just got more expansive, adding 20 more games from Bethesda's library to the service across PC and console.

Future Bethesda Games Will Be Exclusive to Xbox and PC as Microsoft Acquisition Becomes Official

Bethesda Softworks and the other ZeniMax Media studios will become a part of Xbox Game Studios, making their games exclusive to the Xbox and the PC.

EU Approves Microsoft-Bethesda Acquisition – Here’s What That Could Mean

One of the main complaints that most people had while picking up an Xbox console was the...

Games The Shop Valentine’s Sale – Here Are The Best PC Game Deals

Games The Shop, an Indian gaming retailer, is hosting a special Valentine's day sale which includes massive discounts on digital PC games. Here are some of the best deals.

Bethesda Austin is Working on a New Game Called ‘SpyTeam’

Bethesda Montreal and Austin have been working on a new game called 'SpyTeam'. The game hasn't been announced to the public yet.