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Flagship PC Build Guide: Future Proof 4K Gaming Under Rs. 1.5 Lakh (September 2020)

If you're looking for a flagship PC for 4K gaming, now's a great time. The following build will be future proof for gaming at 4K 60 FPS for the foreseeable future.

Best Laptops Under 50000 INR For Work From Home [September 2020]

Now that our lives are (totally) dependent on laptops, for all the meetings, learning and whatnot, having...

Best Gaming PC Build Under ₹80,000: May 2020

As the title suggests, we’ll be listing parts of a gaming PC for roughly ₹80,000 in this article for a PC capable of playing at 1440p 60Hz

Best Gaming PC Build Under ₹50,000: February 2020

We've covered gaming PC builds for higher price points. Now it's time to go lower so more...

Best Budget PC Build for Video Editing Under Rs. 75,000 in India

Building a budget PC for video editing would be out of the question a while back. However,...

Best PC Cases For Gaming Rig in 2019

A good gaming PC needs a good shroud to flaunt the rig. There are tons and tons...

Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 70,000 in India [August 2019]

Hooray! You’ve got a moderately large amount of money to spend on what’s set to be a...

Best PC cases to Buy in India (2019): Keep your Rig Cool in Every Way

While putting together a build, the PC case is often neglected for a better Graphics Card or...

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