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Indian Scientist Discovers Unique Black Hole 142 Times the Mass of the Sun

Indian scientist discovers 'unique' black hole 142 times bigger than the mass of the sun. Find out more.

A Radio Burst Just Woke Up, Confirming Brilliant Prediction

A new report suggests that a radio burst has woken up at the exact time the researchers had predicted. Find out more.

‘Lucky’ Image Of Jupiter Captured

Scientists have discovered new means to image Jupiter in all its glory using revolutionary techniques. Read more to find out.

Astronomers Find The Closest Black Hole To Earth Till-date

Astronomers discover a black hole, HR 6819, the closest one to Earth to date.1000 light-years away, this black hole is visible to the naked eye.

The Most Comprehensive Map of The Moon Yet

The moon has been the object of fascination for the most audacious explorers amongst us....

A Giant Planet Discovered That Scientists Say Should Not Exist

A massive planet orbiting a tiny star thirty-one light-years from Earth has left the astronomers...

Astronomers Spot Another Interstellar Object In Our Solar System

In what seems to be a very rare occurrence, amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov from Ukraine...

K2-18b: The Earth-like Exoplanet

In an incredibly exciting finding, for the first time, astronomers have discovered water in a...

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