Tag: Artificial intelligence

AI Finds Thematic and Stylistic Connections Between Different Pieces of Art

Critics spend decades trying to find connections between different pieces of art. An AI algorithm has been designed to find hidden connections at the MET.

AI Replaces Humans in Venture Capital Firm

Venture Capital Firm specializing in bio-technology has appointed an AI algorithm to make investment decisions.

The Era of New Artificial Researchers Gains Momentum

Artificial intelligence is now capable of performing science experiments and learning from the results. Find out more about the artificial researchers.

The Most Anticipated Technologies Of The Future

With the world progressing at a blazing pace in different fields, there’s something to discover every day. Check out our picks for technologies to look out for!

Where AI and Physics Collide

AI is largely dependent on neural networks for all the progress that has been made in the field, for better utilization, they need to tackle chaos.

AI That Can Feel And Smell: A Threat To Humans?

The end goal for any Artificial Intelligence enthusiast is to create a model that perfectly mimics the human brain. AI is now able to feel and smell.

Can AI Do A World Of Good In The Race To Find A COVID-19 Vaccine?

“Ultimately, we need a cure. To be able to tackle that, we need to accelerate...

An Antibiotic Discovered By AI

In what has been called the first time in the history of humanity, a powerful...

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