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Climate Change Continues During COVID-19: Will it Yield Disastrous Effects?

The world, mainly the human race, has seen significant impacts of COVID-19, but it has not affected the rate of climate change across the globe. The greenhouse gases are still increasing and amounting to a hazardous concentration in the atmosphere.

Climate Change Is Turning Coastal Antarctica Green

A team of researchers has created a large-scale map of algae blooming across the Antarctic that's turning parts of the island green.

Gravity Waves Observed Being Sucked into Antarctica’s Polar Vortex

The Southern Ocean is a hostile place. Known as one of the roughest stretches of water a...

Antarctica and Climate Change

Antarctica has been a matter of concern for Climate scientists for quite a while now. The icy...

Deepest Point Of Land Found In Antarctica

The recent revelation of the topographical map of Antarctica has unveiled the most detailed profile of the...