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Intel’s 32-Core Ice Lake-SP Xeon CPU Beats 64-core AMD EPYC in Select Benchmarks

Intel has shown that their Ice Lake-SP Xeon CPU with 32 cores beats AMD's EPYC 7742 in some select benchmarks, and has also detailed their new HPC platform.

AMD and NVIDIA Join Forces For DGX A100 – EPYC CPUs to Be Used in Workstation Supercomputers

AMD finds itself in the limelight during the announcement of Nvidia's Ampere architecture. AMD EPYC CPUs will power the DGX A100.

New Zen 4 and EPYC Genoa Details: AMD signs Exclusive Deal for 5nm Node

New information regarding AMD's Zen 4 CPUs and Epyc Genoa lineup of processors are finally here, cementing new deals for 5nm process.

AMD EPYC set to take a 10 percent market share in the Server Market by 2020

Here's good news for AMD. The uptick in Zen 2 core sales hasn't just been in the...

AMD Stock value rises: EPYC Rome Server CPU Share Expected to Double in the Coming Months

We talked about AMD's soon-to-be-announced EPIC Rome 7742 a little while back. If those performance leaks are...

AMD EPYC Rome CPUs w/ 64 cores, 128 threads Priced @ $7000: 2x Faster than Intel Xeon, 40% Cheaper

Last year, AMD marked the return to servers with the launch of 1st generation Epyc 7001 series...

Google Might Adopt AMD Epyc Rome CPUs for Servers, Intel Xeon to be Phased Out?

Intel is gradually losing its grip over the consumer market with AMD's Ryzen 3000 chips becoming the...

Wary of 64 Core AMD Rome, Intel Silently Launches 28 Core Cascade Lake-SP, Xeon Platinum 8284 for $15460

Intel just added the Cascade Lake-SP flagship to its latest server offerings without any marketing or fan-fare....