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Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 70,000 — July 2021 (AMD Edition)

Gaming PC builds start to get interesting once you enter the Rs. 70,000 price range, as many...

AMD B450 vs B550 Chipset Comparision: Future-Proofing For Zen 3 Under a Budget?

As the B550 chipset was announced people might have been wondering if the B450 board's prices will drop and is it worth getting? Let's see.

AMD’s B550 Chipsets: Zen 3 Support Confirmed – Enthusiast-Class Features Out on June 16

We got some exciting news in the form of the long-awaited AMD B550 budget chipset. And we get more features than we expected.

AMD Announces New Zen 2-based Budget Ryzen 3 Processors Along With B550 Chipset

AMD has announced the addition of Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X along with the new B550 chipset, all of which will be released within the next couple of months.