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AMD Counters Intel’s Foveros With Custom Stacked 3D Memory

If you have been keeping tabs on the CPU industry, then you probably remember Intel's recently announced Lakefield SoC. The chip brings...

Alphacool releases new waterblock for AMD Vega VII

Alphacool, a German enterprise which manufactures coolants for silicon microprocessors, has launched a custom waterblock for AMD’s Radeon Vega VII discrete graphics...

NVIDIA’s 7nm Ampere GPUs Might be Unveiled at GTC 2019

NVIDIA is still not done with its Turing lineup, with the mainstream GTX 16 series cards seeing periodic releases. Now, we're hearing...

Intel to Unveil Cascade Lake Processors with up to 48 Cores

AMD's Ryzen 3000 chips are perhaps some of the most anticipated hardware parts to launch this year. As per the company, they'll...

AMD Radeon Navi GPU Reportedly Spotted at CompuBench

We've been hearing a lot about AMD's upcoming Navi GPUs. These 7nm based video cards are going to be featured in both...

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