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Disney-Fox Deal To Be Done Next Week-Prepare For X-Men, Fantastic 4 Homecoming

Disney has finally set a date on their approval of the Fox acquisition. By next week, the Disney-Fox deal will be done. The X-Men & Fantastic Four are coming home to Marvel Studios soon!

Why Dark Phoenix is The Perfect Movie to END The Fox X-Men Franchise

With the first trailer for the X-Men's next adventure, Dark Phoenix released, we look at how this might just signal the end of the franchise as we know it.

Disney-Fox Merger is Approved- X-Men and Fantastic 4 Coming Home to Marvel

The long-standing Disney-Fox buyout has finally been approved by shareholders of both parties. Disney will now control all of 20th century Fox's assets.

The Future of X-Men Doesn’t Look Good as Disney-Fox Deal Closes In

With the Disney-Fox deal soon approaching, it's been rumored that the next films in the X-Men franchise are going to be canceled.

Logan Review : A Comic Book Movie Which Doesn’t Feel Like One

After almost 2 decades of seeing Hugh Jackman play the character, it’s hard to imagine anyone else...