The sequel to the highly acclaimed visual novel STEINS;GATE went live on Steam a short while ago. STEINS;GATE 0 explores what happens if the player fails the original story.

Just like the original STEINS;GATE, 0 also involves sci-fi elements like time travel, and features alternate endings. Again, just like the first one, 0 too culminates into one of the endings depending upon how you reply to the text messages on your cell phone. I honestly found it really frustrating, given it’s nearly impossible to get the “good ending” on the first couple of walkthroughs without a guide. And that pretty much takes away the fun.

STEINS;GATE 0While the first visual novel was hinged fully on time travel, STEINS;GATE 0 makes artificial intelligence it’s central subject. The goal of the player character and his friends is to prevent the onset of the World War 3rd. The story connects nicely with the first game, and all the original cast returns in addition to many new characters.

The original description on the Steam page goes as follows:

A new story in the critically-acclaimed STEINS;GATE series. From the depths of despair–explore a whole new world line. Your favorite characters return alongside a brand new cast!

STEINS;GATE 0 Steam: Key Features

  • STEINS;GATE 0 continues the time travelling theme – but adds artificial intelligence as its central hook 
  • Help a group of young students bend time to their will and prevent the onset of World War 3 
  • Beautiful artwork and engaging story for an unforgettable experience 
  • Tells the story of an ‘Alternate Worldline’ – what happens if players failed the original story
  • Interact with the story using your smart phone – answering (or not!) your phone, and your responses, will determine the outcome to the story

STEINS;GATE 0Oh and by the way, the game requires 15 GB of memory and at least a 1st Gen i5 processor as per the official requirements, although we’re more than confident it’ll run on pretty much any modern machine. The RAM requirements have been set at 4GB.

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