Steam’s 2017 Autumn Sale is now underway all through next Tuesday, Nov. 28. It packs the usual heavy discounts on more than 5,000 titles, encapsulating some of the biggest franchises in PC gaming.

A large number of top tier titles are up for grabs this week and with such a vast array of choices, some players are naturally gonna feel a tad bit overwhelmed. But fear not fellow solider as we’re here to provide some great tips on sorting though the masses as well as a decent helping of standout products from mainstream franchises to unknown indies.

First off, focus on the games up on your wish-list as these are the titles you personally picked to keep an eye out for. On this sale, try purchasing from your wish-list while adding games that catch your eye to your it for the next time a big sale rolls around (which isn’t too far off). Another solid strategy is to fix a spending limit from the get-go and then trying to maximize the amount of games you can get within that limit. It creates a game in and of itself like a round of Dr. Mario except with your hard earned cash rather than fictional medicine. It provides a good way to get the most out of sale while keeping costs down. The third and final tip is to think it over before purchasing. Try not to buy stuff on an impulse only to have it forever wallow in the depth of your steam library as well as your ever growing backlog. Really consider whether you want a game or not before taking the plunge, your wallet will most definitely thank you for your consideration. And now with the shopping tips outta of the way lets take a look at some of the best games on sale right now:

Nier: Automata – $35.99/Rs.1,199

From the demented and brilliant mind of Yoko Taro comes one of the best games of the year with beautiful visuals, a heart-wrenching tale, a brilliant soundtrack and high octane action compliments of Platinum Games, Automata delivers everything and more in this surreal and enchanting experience.

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc – $13.39/Rs.378

Providing a mishmash of genres and anime tropes turned up to eleven, the first game in the Danganronpa franchise introduces us to the crazy yet thrilling world of Hope’s Peak Academy where 16 students are trapped with the only means of escape being to murder a fellow classmate. With a host of quirky characters, an engrossing story and insane mysteries to solve with the series signature logic based gameplay, this game offers a unique and exciting adventure for those willing to dive in.

And last but not least making a return from last year, we have ‘The Steam Awards’ where players will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite games in a number of odd and delightful categories such as The “Mom’s Spaghetti” Award and The “Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude! 2.0” Award. Voting also comes with a reward of its own in the from of limited badge and those sweet sweet experience points.

Once your done here, you can head on over to steam to make your choices or check out other happenings in Gaming right here while you deliberate.

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