Star Citizen’s newest update, v3.6(Alpha), released


    Star Citizen, the game infamous for having accumulated more than $2M via crowdfunding(source) and delaying its 2014 release indefinitely, has received a new update for its currently alpha state, approximately three months after the previous update was released.

    A few notable updates from the release notes include –

    • Complete overhaul of the law and criminality system
    • Added illegal style delivery missions for prohibited and stolen goods.
    • Added hover mode.
    • New ships, vehicles and weapons
    • And more…

    Head over to the official release page if you wish to read up on the entire feature list and get the update.

    It is necessary to download the new launcher from this page to be able to install the update.

    After years of delay, there seems to be a bit of hope that the completed game could be launched by 2020. The next update is slated to be released around September.

    Head over to the developer’s website,, if you wish to learn more about the game and buy it.

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