Square Enix has always a diverse lineup of video games at their E3 showcases. E3 2018 was no different, with a slew of games across different genres. The stars of the show were Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4 and Dragon Quest XI, but Square Enix had a lot more to show off apart from their signature franchises. So lets not tarry and dive right in!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of the most anticipated games from Square. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to release on 14th September, and will be the concluding game in the Origins trilogy of the rebooted Lara Croft saga. Shadow of the Tomb Raider boasts a combat with much more depth than before, and brand new environments that allow fluid movement combined with all kinds of cool enemy take-downs. The visuals are more or less the same as Rise, but the game world and the mechanics seem to have undergone some major upgrades.

Just Cause 4

Rico returns in Just Cause 4 to blow stuff up and wreak havoc with his grapple once again. This time around he gets to play around with jets, bulldozers, cranes and motorbikes, but at the same time his enemies are stronger too, armed with shields and better weapons. The most intriguing aspect of Just Cause 4 however is the physics. The game features cyclones, sandstorms, and much more realistic explosions all brought to life by well-implemented particle physics. Just Cause 3 featured NVIDIA’s waveworks and physics to enhance the wave simulations. It’ll be interesting to see if the sequel retains NVIDIA’s physics libraries or uses Avalanche’s in-house tech.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a story driven game by Dontnod studios, the same team that developed Life is Strange, also set in the same universe. The best part is that the game is 100% free. Captain Spirit will be arriving on all three platforms as soon as 26th June. That is less than 15 days away. As per the developers, the game will be directly linked to the second season of Life is Strange and will feature many tidbits regarding the upcoming season. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit follows a kid in his early teens who is either gifted in some manner like the protagonist of Life is Strange, that or he’s immensely creative and always has his head up in the clouds, imagining all kinds of magical scenarios.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of An Elusive Age

The localized English version of Dragon Quest XI releases on 14th September on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. After the massive success of the Japanese version, the English version is also expected to do well in the west. The iconic art style and the pretty animations are the core attraction of this game. Just like the other Dragon Quest games, this one also tells the tale of the fight between light and darkness. A new Edition of Light version was also announced that includes a ton of extra content, including in-game accessories and collectibles.

Babylon’s Fall

Now this one really caught my eye. Babylon’s Fall is an upcoming game by Platinum games. A teaser trailer shown during the Square Enix E3 broadcast showed us a timeline of events in a land called Helos. There was an awakening, prophecies, a world war, the birth of a goddess, a plague, and mostly events leading up to an apocalypse of sorts. Like always, this destruction is followed by an awakening. An armored hero felling a giant opponent by snatching its sword using magical tendrils is shown (the player character?). Platinum games is known for making titles with brilliant combat mechanics and I suspect Babylon’s fall will be no exception. The release date hasn’t been announced. Only that the game will arrive on the PS4 and Steam in 2019. Square Enix sure seems to be ignoring the Xbox platform as of late.

The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man is another upcoming title that was teased at Square’s showcase, with the barest of details. As per Square Enix, “The Quiet Man is an immersive story driven cinematic action experience that seamlessly blends high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay that can be completed in one sitting.”

Details are scant at the moment, but the publisher is promising to sow more about the game in August.

Square Enix E3 Apart from these games, Square Enix also showed glimpses of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, Kingdom Hearts III and the release of the critically acclaimed Nier Automata on Xbox One. New content was announced for Final Fantasy XIV and a Monster Hunter x FFXIV tie-up was also teased. All in all, Square Enix had a loaded E3 showcase, with both Western as well as Eastern titles, and the kind of variety the publisher is well known for.

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