Spotify’s Group Session Allows People to Share a Listening Session

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This is for all those people whose group has a wide variety of music tastes. Spotify is all set to introduce a Group Session feature for all Premium subscribers. It will let more than one person control a listening session to make streaming easier.

Group Session is only available for Premium subscribers and participants can control song playback in real-time. Along with this, they can also add songs to a queue and contribute to a group playlist. So, you don’t have to pass around your phone or try to guess everyone’s favourite song at the next house party.

Spotify x Saregama

Group Session, moreover, is secure and very easy to use. To use it, just open Spotify’s Connect to a Device tab of the player window and press Connect with Friends. Spotify will give you a code after this and will also give you an option to pull up your camera to scan a friend’s code. Moreover, the Group Session will end after an hour of inactivity, or you can also deactivate Group Listening from the Connect to a Device tab.

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Once connected, every member can pause, play, skip and add choices of their own to the queue using Spotify’s built-in controls. Moreover, any changes made will be immediately notified to everyone in the Group Session.

A word of caution though, you cannot engage in a Group Session with a free user, even if you are a Premium user. However, Spotify isn’t limiting the number of users who can join a Group Session as of yet. Although I am not sure whether it is a good idea to let too many people handle your playlist.

group sessions spotify

Spotify is currently promoting the Group Session feature as a means of sharing music with family and roommates, considering the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is quite evident that the feature is meant for parties and group gatherings.

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Spotify has been really building up the features for its Premium users for the past couple of months. The service has added various features such as Video Podcasts, curated podcast playlists, hiding songs from playlists and many more. Apart from these, the company also recently partnered with Saregama to enable access to over 100,000 varied tracks to its Indian listeners. Group Session has been in testing for the past year. Although the feature is not available to everyone yet, it is expected to go through different tweaks in the future.

Spotify had previously provided Premium members free Hulu and a Google Home Mini to make the prospect of buying a subscription more appealing. However, although all these perks don’t seem like a lot on their own, as an aggregate they are more likely to make people pay for the service.

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