Spotify Developing Exciting ‘Virtual Events’ Feature for All Music Lovers

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Spotify, the popular music streaming app, has been a saviour of the music industry as lots of artists have been heavily dependent on this platform to stream their music. Spotify is now working on a new ‘virtual events’ feature which is going to make it easier for performers and their fans to enjoy musical performances live.

Spotify will also, along with helping users watch live performances, help alert them by letting them know about the artist’s upcoming “virtual events”. This feature currently is not available for users but it is being tested by the platform. 

In the case of the “Upcoming Virtual Events” feature section, the information will be provided beforehand, for example, BTS will be performing on the 19th of September. The feature is expected to help fans and let them know when their favourite artists will be performing next.

virtual events
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In this section, the user can expect to find the ticketing partner and the related information about the same mentioned. For the BTS event, Songkick is the partner that handles the ticketing so this is mentioned in the platform. 

These virtual event listings will turn out to be a useful and good thing for the users and will not be much of a big deal for Spotify to add onto their list of features. Spotify has earlier worked with many such ticketing partners such as Ticketmaster, Songkick, Resident Advisor, Eventbrite, AXS and eplus too.

These platforms, responsible for handling the ticketing bit, have successfully managed to handle many such virtual events during the pandemic, considering this is the new normal for the entertainment industry. Spotify will be able to add this feature to the platform seamlessly.  

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There are other reasons why this whole testing of ‘virtual events’ can successfully become a feature – Spotify has been connected very closely to the industry and to famous artists all across the globe.

Spotify is also able to suggest content and musical events to users depending upon their location and the data which is based on the user’s listening habit. Recommendations will indeed help the artists even more and, in return, people would be notified about the upcoming musical events that are going to take place.

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Online musical events have a major benefit. One can sit in front of their screens and watch just about any live performance from any part of the world. The platform will need to get in touch with an artist and ask for access to their show listings. After that is successfully done, the artist and his shows will be updated on the list of virtual musical performances.

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