Spotify Premium Users Can Hide Songs They Dislike From Playlists

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Let’s face it. Playlists on Spotify have more often than not saved our lives when in tough situations. However, not everyone around has an impeccable taste in music, and it is also possible for them to add some bad grapes in the lot.

However, Spotify is on the way to make that problem go away – atleast for premium users. With the new update, Premium subscribers can go into any playlist and hide a song from there. You simply have to select the song and choose “hide song” from the context menu. Later when you listen to the playlist, it will automatically skip the hidden song. This is especially great since you don’t have to pick out songs you dislike each time you start a playlist you love otherwise.

If you have a change of heart afterwards, you can un-hide the song too. The music streamer, with this new update, hopes that listeners have a little control over its curated playlists which can contain songs that they dislike.

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In addition to this, songs that you hide will have a mark beside them and will be automatically skipped even when the playlist is on shuffle.

These changes will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

Spotify is constantly adding small and big changes to its services to lure in more paid subscribers. The company’s main source of revenue is subscribers paying for the Premium tier and advertisement revenues. This means that even the tiniest changes could trigger people to join Premium. In addition to that, these small changes all add up to provide a more robust Premium subscription. Apart from these, Spotify’s exclusive podcasts, as well as video content that accompany album releases, are all a part of the company trying to get people to pay for their services. However, most of these things are available for free.

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Spotify’s Premium tier is around Rs 750 per month for an individual plan and Rs 1,050 per month for a family plan. The latter account can be shared by many people.

Spotify has been rolling out several updates over the past few weeks. Most recently, it started supporting Siri voice controls of the Apple Watch. Apart from that, last month the service introduced a brand-new home screen that would help users reach their favourite content with more ease.

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Spotify Technology S.A. is an international media service provider. The company, founded in 2006, primarily provides an audio streaming platform that provides DRM-restricted music, videos and podcasts from record labels and media companies. Spotify Premium, the paid version of the service, provides subscribers advertisement-free content along with offline listening. Apart from these, Premium subscribers can play any song that they want at any time and skip songs as many times as they want.

Spotify has around 50 million tracks on the platform. Users can browse using parameters such as artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists. As of February 2020, the service had around 271 million monthly active users as well as 124 million paying subscribers.

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