Major Spider-Man: Far From Home Deleted Scenes Revealed

    As usual, Sony has yet again managed to market scenes for Spider-Man: Far From Home that won't be in the actual movie. Here are the scenes planned for the blu-ray.

    Spider-Man Far From Home Deleted Scenes
    Spider-Man Far From Home Deleted Scenes

    Sony’s marketing team has done it again! Spider-Man: Far From Home is only a couple weeks ahead of releasing worldwide. The film has been garnering high praise from critics, with a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it seems like Sony has, just like last time, removed a lot of what appeared to be key scenes in the trailers from the final movie.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Jon Watts with Tom Holland
    Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Jon Watts with Tom Holland

    If you recall, the trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home featured one intense scene of Peter fighting against certain gang members while wearing the Iron-Spider suit. Guess what? The scene in question has been removed from the film entirely, according to ComicBookMovie’s interview with Jon Watts, the film’s director.

    “Yeah, both of those are actually part of the same montage which is ‘Peter’s To-Do List.’ It’s all the things he has to do before he goes on the trip which is going to Delmar’s to get a dual headphone adaptor and one of those European travel plugs, he has to go to a pawn shop to sell his Star Wars toys to get money for the trip, he has to pick up his passport, and he has to take down this giant crime syndicate. That’s just the to-do list for someone like him but that will be its own little short film that we’re going to put on the Blu-ray. There are some good deleted scenes.”

    Spider-Man Far From Home Phase 3

    So there you have it. Lately, it’s become somewhat of a signature move on Sony’s part to include scenes in trailers which don’t end up in the movie. Previously, the studio practically gave away the very last shot of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in its trailer. The studio also teased an Iron-Man/Spider-Man team up as they head into battle in the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming but the scene never saw the light of the day. At the very least it didn’t give away its post-credits scenes.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home releases worldwide on July 5th.

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