The PS3 Just Got A New Update, And No One Knows Why

    Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)

    Sony has released a mysterious new update for the PS3, weighing in around 200 MB. Sony has only revealed that the update “improves system performance”, though with it being a 14-year old console at this point, we doubt it’s anything significant.

    The update notes can be accessed here, which doesn’t tell us much. The relevance of this update can perhaps be tracked to Sony’s decision on closing the PSN store on PS3, which the company quickly turned back on.

    If you’re still rocking a PS triple, this might be good news. However, for the rest of the gamers out there with a PS4 or, if they’re lucky, a PS5 this may not be a big deal. However, with Sony’s not-so-stellar job with games preservations, PS5 Digital Edition owners might be able to draw a few conclusion from Sony’s decisions regarding digital storefronts for its previous consoles.

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