PlayStation Plus Subscription Cost Reduced Permanently in India

    Sony PlayStation Plus
    Sony PlayStation Plus

    Rejoice, PlayStation gamers! Sony has just announced that it is reducing the price of PlayStation Plus in India and certain other territories. The official announcement goes :

    “Starting on 1st May 2020, prices for PlayStation Plus subscriptions in India will be decreasing due to market conditions.”
    The cost of PS Plus from now on will be the following:

    • 12 month PS Plus – Rs. 2,999 (Previously Rs. 4,439)
    • 3 month recurring PS Plus plan – Rs.1,199 (Previously Rs. 1,869)
    • 1 month PS Plus Subscription – Rs. 499 (Previously Rs. 599)
    PS4 PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store
    PlayStation 4

    You can expect the new prices to take effect from May 1st, 2020. Sony has also confirmed that subscribers with recurring fees turned on will be charged the new amount, provided it gets renewed after the prices come into effect.

    However, up until 30th April 2020, you may purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription at the current price, which will then be added (or “stacked on”) to your current membership period. Although this is certainly possible, we can’t think of any sane reason why anyone would do that, considering you can save a lot of money with the revised prices.

    This, paired with the recently revamped PlayStation store, is surely paving the way for the grand PS5 launch. We’ll keep you updated about that when the news drops. Anytime now. Any time…

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