PlayStation 5 Info To Be Finally Revealed by Mark Cerny on March 18


After a long period of silence from Sony, we’re finally going to get some information about the PlayStation 5 tomorrow! PlayStation revealed in a tweet today that system architect Mark Cerny will be talking more about the next-gen console on March 18 at 9 am PT.

While we don’t know much beyond the initial tweet, we’re pretty sure the move comes in response to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X specs unveiling a couple of days back. We’ve long speculated about the nature of the PS5’s system specs, and tomorrow we’ll finally get an idea of what Sony has planned.

Here’s what we do know though:

Both consoles are using an AMD Zen 2 CPU along with a GPU based on RDNA 2 architecture. While the Series X has revealed their console to output 12 Teraflops of power, we still don’t know exactly what Sony has planned for their system. However, AMD has confirmed on their behalf that both consoles will be using the same RDNA 2 technology, which supports hardware-based raytracing.

Sony Interactive Entertainment SIEE
Sony Interactive Entertainment SIEE

Here’s a run down of all the next-gen console stories that have developed over the last couple weeks, leading up to the reveal of the PlayStation 5:

You can watch/read the reveal tomorrow at the PlayStation blog here.

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