Do you remember like a decade ago, Sony promised that you’d be able to run Linux on the PS3? Me neither. However, apparently they did make that promise. The feature was there at first, but then it was disabled via a patch. Some security issues popped up, according to Sony.

A lot of angry gamers have been fighting Sony in court ever since, and now finally the matter has come to a conclusion. And guess what? WE THE PEOPLE HAVE WON!

Sony lost the case and now has to pay out $3.75 million to settle the lawsuit. The five people who were involved with the case received $3,500 each. As for the rest of the money, it will be distributed between other PlayStation 3 buyers, lawyers and settlement organizers.

Sony PS3

Bottomline, if you have (or had) a PlayStation 3, then it might be payday for you. You could be eligible to receive $65. Not much, but hey you can buy a new AAA game with it.

The console version covered in the settlement is the original PlayStation 3, dubbed as the “fat PS3,” due to it’s size. Bear in mind the newer models were much slimmer.

Apart from the size, the visual characteristic that distinguishes the “fat” model from the newer models is a white strip on the front deck.

In order to make your claim to receive money from Sony, you fulfill the following:

  • You have to have purchased the PlayStation 3 between Nov. 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010.
  • You have to have made the purchase from an authorized PlayStation retailer in the United States.
  • The purchased PS3 must have been bought new.
  • Claim you used the “Other OS” functionality and believe your console lost value when Sony patched it.
  • Fill out this form and provide your PlayStation 3’s serial number and/or your PlayStation Network sign in information.

The last date to submit your claim is April 15.

Lastly, some limited-edition versions of the PS3 may come in special color schemes, or skinned as well-known Sony PlayStation-exclusives. To confirm whether these versions are included in the settlement you’ll have to contact Sony and get the serial number/model number verified.

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