Sony’s 4K OLED TV will start at $2800

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Sony’s new A8F oled TV that was first unveiled at CES 2018 in January has been launched at the price of $2,800 for the 55-inch variant, and $3,800 for the 65-inch variant. The last gen A1E’s prices remain same for the 55-inch variant at $2,800 but are lower for the 65 inch variant at $3,500.

Sony 4K oled TVWhile the A1E and LG’s offerings costs $300 lesser than the A8F for the same picture quality, the main reason to choose the newer model Sony is offering is for its more conventional styling. The A1E had a stand-free design, supported by a big kickstand that caused the TV to lean back a bit. The new A8F series has the standard foot stand support and sits straight.

OLED in the living room has been more of LG’s thing. LG still manufactures the panels featured in Sony OLED TVs, Sony does the image processing. Sony made the switch to the glorious OLED, but in addition to that they also introduced a sweet little feature called Acoustic Surface. It may be hard to digest but it’s true, Sony’s Acoustic Surface makes it seem as though audio comes from certain portions of the OLED TV, depending upon the scene, giving the illusion that it’s coming from the mouths of the people speaking on screen.

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As for the LED, Sony is expanding its X900 series to cover even bigger screen sizes. The new X900F line comes in 85-inch, 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 49-inch models. Sony seems to have worked to improve the motion fluidity on the X900F series with something called X-Motion Clarity, which keeps track of fast action images and keeps them smooth and realistic

Just like the last gen Sony A1E, the A8F also has the Acoustic Surface speaker design where the screen itself produces the sound. It also comes with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range formats (the former will come later as a software update). Another feature that remains same is that it comes with the Android TV operating system, complete with Google Assistant voice control as well as compatibility with Alexa.

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