During Kumoricon 2018, Sol Press announced that they would launching their own digital distribution service named Hyourin. The company followed up with a blog post detailing the new service.

Hyourin will be avaible both as a webstore and downloadable dedicated client and will sport features such as a built-in light novel/manga reader, profile customization, a dedicated in-client store and a client-wide dark mode. Though not all of the aforementioned features will be available at launch.


The new store aims to distribute visual novels, light novels and manga in its initial phase but plans to expand its offerings with merchandise such as physical books/games, wall scrolls and dakimakuras, as time goes on.

Hyourin’s greatest benefit to Sol Press is that now they’ll have direct access to their consumer base, allowing them to more easily and quickly get out visual novels and other content without having to wait for a third party’s approval or worry about about expectations and requirements when releasing on online stores such as Steam. Though as of now, they are still keen to release their content on as many platforms as possible.

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